Speaking Engagements

Elevating Trauma Awareness Through Expert Dialogue

As a seasoned trauma expert, Dr. Karol Darsa has dedicated her career to shedding light on the complex dimensions of trauma and the path towards healing. With a rich history of speaking at prestigious institutions and conferences, Dr. Darsa brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to every engagement.

She has spoken at the stages of numerous academic and professional platforms, including universities such as UCLA, USC, and Cal Lutheran, as well as prominent conferences like the Global Exchange Conference and Emerging Themes in Psychology. Dr. Darsa was frequently invited by the Young Professionals Organization, treatment centers, and hospitals to guide and educate on effective trauma treatment methods.

Dr. Darsa is available for a wide range of speaking engagements, offering profound insights into the nuances of trauma treatment and recovery. She specializes in engaging audiences across academic, professional, and community settings, delivering compelling presentations on topics including but not limited to:

  • Common Mistakes of Trauma Treatment: Unveiling the pitfalls in traditional approaches to trauma therapy and advocating for more effective strategies.
  • Mind Control and Cult Abuse: Exploring the psychological dynamics of cults and mind control, offering guidance on recovery and resilience.
  • Religious Trauma: Addressing the complex interplay between spirituality and trauma, and the path to healing from religiously-induced wounds.
  • Military Sexual Abuse: Highlighting the challenges and necessary approaches for supporting survivors of sexual abuse in military contexts.
  • Dissociative Disorders: Delving into the world of dissociative disorders as a result of trauma, and the intricate process of diagnosis and treatment.

Whether it’s a keynote speech at a conference, a workshop at a university, or a specialized seminar for professionals, Dr. Darsa is committed to fostering understanding, healing, and growth through enlightened discourse on trauma.


“We had the pleasure of having Dr. Darsa come and speak to our clinical team at Milestones  Ranch, Malibu. If you have not met Dr. Darsa, I highly recommend bringing her in to present to both your clinical and paraprofessional team.

She is truly a trauma expert and provides amazing clinical advice on how to treat trauma and the do’s and don’ts with trauma treatment in a residential setting. I believe everyone could benefit from this training!”
Savannah L. Ganje, LCSW

Below, you will find the video featuring testimonials from the Trauma Treatment Training.