The Trauma Map

The Book that Reconnects People to Themselves
The Trauma Map book by Dr. Darsa

The Trauma Map

In The Trauma Map: Five Steps to Reconnect With Yourself, [Daily House Publishing] Dr. Karol Darsa, Psy.D. reconnects readers with themselves through safe and effective trauma recovery.
Traumatic experiences disconnect you from yourself, hindering your health and creeping into every aspect of your life. If left unattended, trauma can damage your mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

A Guide to Healing

The Trauma Map is a gentle guide towards growth and a happier life through holistic healing. In her debut self-help book, Dr. Darsa shares the five simple steps that will help you make peace with your past and grow into a healthier human being. Dr. Darsa understands the challenges and joys of healing as a survivor of childhood trauma. When a person moves on from the past and focuses on the present, they can reconnect with their whole self and overcome trauma.

“This is a short book that reads as if you’re having a therapy session. … I found it easy to read and understandable from each viewpoint. I would recommend this for anyone going through a trauma.” – Cozy Book Reviews, 4 out of 5 Stars
In this book, you will find the same techniques Dr. Darsa implements at her Reconnect Center in Pacific Palisades, CA. Reconnect Center, which is founded and directed by Dr. Darsa, helps clients heal from trauma through the integration of body-based, cutting-edge trauma treatment modalities.

About Dr. Darsa

With over 20 years in therapeutic practice, Dr. Darsa is an accomplished trauma psychologist. Since starting her career as a foster care social worker for abused children, Dr. Darsa has founded the Reconnect Center, created the Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model (RITTM), and co-created the Invisible War Recovery—a program designed to treat military sexual trauma survivors.
Dr. Darsa featured on Katie Couric’s nationally syndicated program where she discussed Invisible War Recovery. She has also featured as a key expert on the talk show The Doctors, ABC, CBS, Well + Good, and more. She lectures about trauma treatment at several universities, including the University of Southern California, UCLA, and Cal Lutheran.
The Trauma Map book by Dr. Darsa
The Trauma Map reconnects you to your true self, and you can start that journey today.

Book Reviews

Freedom from Traumatic Bonds

“Dr. Darsa’s book is just the salve and balm a trauma survivor needs. She clearly explains how unprocessed trauma can hold us hostage and provides a practical guide to a series of simple steps anyone can take to unshackle themselves from its bonds. For anyone who has ever suffered from or continues to struggle in the wake of a traumatic break, this book provides basic and easy tools that can be used to heal—and not just survive but thrive. Darsa’s lucid prose nourishes, empowers, and heals. Whoever reads it will feel enlightened, uplifted, and provided with the means to finally achieve much-needed and much-deserved peace.”
—Amy Ziering
two-time Emmy Award–winning and Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker

A Model for Trauma Healing

“For trauma recovery to be effective, whether professionally or self-help based, it must be tailored to the special needs and preferences of each suffering individual. Dr. Karol Darsa’s book, as well as her Reconnect Treatment Center in Los Angeles, stands out as a model among the few to truly offer a wide variety of options for trauma healing. Among these pages, readers will find a smorgasbord of strategies to sample and choose from. In doing so, they can create a unique combination that best supports their own situation and healing.”
—Babette Rothschild
author of The Body Remembers and 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery

A Blend of Information, History, and Wisdom

“Dr. Karol Darsa, founder of the nationally renowned Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Center, is a true expert in the art and science of trauma work. In my opinion, The Trauma Map is a perfect blend of solid and helpful information, compelling case history, and practical wisdom for those suffering from the ill effects of trauma. This is a must-read for those who wish to understand and address adverse childhood experiences, as well as clinicians devoted to treating client trauma.”
—Dr. Seth C. Kadish
Director of Group Therapy, PCH

Resource for Those Suffering

"As a person who have PTSD, this books helps a lot in when I am not having my appointment with my counselor. As a future counselor for PTSD and trauma informed teacher, this is a great resource for those who suffer from trauma or knows someone who suffer from trauma.."
— BW

A Guide to Safety, Knowledge, and Skills

“Trauma understood; treatment invaluable! The title itself, The Trauma Map, is exactly what this book presents for those suffering from trauma or for professional therapists who work with clients who are longing to reconnect with themselves. Dr. Karol Darsa maps out the ABCs of trauma, what it is, the symptoms, how it affects us, and especially how to work through it in a way that is easy to understand and process with compassion and empowerment. Reading it is like having her sitting with you, providing safety, knowledge, and skills to guide you through your journey in healing from trauma. As a therapist, I am thankful for this step-by-step map, which shares how to reconnect with the self and to move through trauma with careful consideration, a holistic (mind, body, spirit) approach, and strength-based exercises gained from twenty years of experience with clients—something that cannot be taught in a graduate course. Thank you Dr. Darsa for sharing your professional insight and making your five steps of healing and self-care strategies accessible to all.”
—Noranik Zadeyan
MPH, MA, LMHC, master’s degrees in public health and counseling

Years of Experience

“Dr. Darsa has used her years of experience working with trauma patients to create this transformative self-help book. It is written with compassion and valuable insights, offering new techniques and hope for healing.”
—Aileen Nobles
intuitive, Theta, EFT, and hypnotherapy practitioner

Commitment to Recovery

“I have recommended this book to many family and friends. Your commitment to trauma and experience in the field has healed many.”
— Breonna Lane

Step-by-Step Concepts

“The book is short and straightforward. The author gives step-by-step concepts for education and healing trauma. The main focus is on reconnecting with yourself. The author discusses the importance of trauma in the body. I thought this book was a good start if you are looking to learn about trauma.”
— Coty Nolin

Helpful Directions and Inteventions

“As a health care provider for over twenty-five years, I was impressed with The Trauma Map. It certainly took me back to my medical school years and made me realize that I had PTSD myself. In this book, I found many helpful directions and interventions to use as a physician. For the general public, there are great tools for those who have suffered from past events or experiences and are looking for help or guidance on how to deal with them. I am sure many people will benefit from this book as I did myself.”
—Aykut Bayrak
MD, Medical Director, Los Angeles IVF Clinic

Transforming Trauma

“I truly believe that transforming trauma is the key to healing our planet. Dr. Darsa’s life’s work is reflected in The Trauma Map, which provides an accessible, step-by-step guide to reconnecting the body and mind after a traumatic impact. Darsa provides a beacon of hope for anyone moving through the shadows of traumatic impact.”
—Dawn Delgado
LMFT, CEDS-S, EMDR-certified trauma therapist

Unique Roadmap to Healing

"This is a unique roadmap to trauma treatment. Dr. Darsa offers powerful strategies to identify and overcome client's traumatic triggers and helps them to understand how the mind and body experiences trauma while reconnecting them to their authentic and true self."

A Therapeutic Self-Help Manual

“The Trauma Map effectively skirts the line between therapists manual and effective self-help conversation. I felt I was reading a lecture by a kind and knowledgeable professional...”
—Joshua Cartwright

Help for Depression, Addiction, and More

“The Trauma Map by Karol Darsa is a great book for those going through treatment for a past that causes depression, addiction, anxiety, trouble breathing, etc.”
— Regan Brokaw