Psychotherapy Services

Individual Trauma Therapy

Dr. Darsa specializes in individual trauma therapy, available to residents of California. Available in person in west Los Angeles, Ca or online. These sessions are designed for those seeking focused, short-term therapy with a goal to address specific traumatic experiences within a 3-month period.

Intensive Trauma Therapy

For clients outside of the area looking to dedicate more time to their healing journey, Dr. Darsa offers an Intensive Trauma Therapy program. This entails several hours of therapy per day, across multiple days each week, allowing for a concentrated approach to treatment.

Integrative Intensive Therapy

Those interested in a comprehensive experience can opt for Integrative Intensive Therapy with Dr. Darsa’s team. For details on this immersive therapy option, please visit our dedicated page at Reconnect Center. The center is in network with various insurance providers.

Therapy Fees

The fee for Dr. Darsa’s specialized trauma therapy services is $400 per hour.