Virtual Coaching Services

Global Availability

The virtual coaching extends globally, available to clients across states and borders. The quality guidance is just a click away, no matter where you are.

Coaching vs. Psychotherapy: Distinct Paths to Healing

Coaching and psychotherapy are complementary, yet distinct services. As a trauma coach, Dr. Darsa empowers individuals who have encountered trauma, facilitating their path to resilience, recovery, and personal development. The coaching can also complement clinical therapy by focusing on life skills and personal growth, helping you navigate daily life with newfound strength and clarity.

The Role of a Trauma Coach

Unlike therapy, which often delves into deep emotional work and healing past trauma through techniques like EMDR and Brainspotting, trauma coaching is about forward movement. It’s about setting and achieving personal goals that are vital for your healing journey. This may include learning to manage triggers, improving emotional regulation, enhancing relationships, and fostering a stronger sense of self.

In coaching sessions with Dr. Darsa, you will discover coping strategies and resilience-building skills, employing mindfulness, stress management tools, and emotional regulation exercises. The main goal in trauma coaching is to help you reconnect with yourself and feel whole.

Coaching Fees

The fee for Dr. Darsa’s specialized trauma coaching services is $300 per hour.