Training and Consulting Dr. Darsa

Dr. Darsa’s Distinct Trauma Therapy Approach

Dr. Darsa’s passion for trauma healing doesn’t stop with the Reconnect Center. She created the Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model (RITTM) to help clinicians everywhere improve their quality of trauma care.

Dr. Karol Darsa’s impassioned innovative techniques have helped patients for over 20 years. In her practice, she’s helped patients heal from trauma and anxiety disorders with her seminal Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model (RITTM). To further her goal of delivering more personalized care, Dr. Darsa is pleased to offer individual sessions. For $400 per hour, Dr. Darsa will design a treatment plan for patients who would like to take advantage of 1:1 therapy sessions with a world-class mental health professional.

Dr. Darsa's Philosophy

Trauma creates a disconnect inside of a person, separating them from their body, emotions, mind, friends, family, and spirituality. Trauma disconnects you from your whole well-being, but healing comes from reconnecting.
Dr. Darsa improves clinicians’ quality of care by teaching them her proven body-mind approach of reconnecting people to their whole selves.
Dr. Darsa’s method can treat trauma at its roots by focusing on how our bodies and minds work together. She emphasizes a focus on the present to overcome traumas of the past.
Darsa’s Philosophy
Dr. Darsa offers private consulting

Private Consulting for Individual Clinicians and Organizations

Dr. Darsa has helped clients overcome debilitating trauma and live fuller lives for over 20 years through her gentle, body-based Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model (RITTM).
Combined with an elevated sense of awareness, compassion, and knowledge, RITTM enables you to heal the whole person with intensive, integrative, and evidence-based therapies.

With RITTM, Clinicians and Organizations can:

  • Integrate a complete body-mind trauma treatment approach into their practice
  • Learn stabilization tools to ground clients before traumatic memory processing work
  • Learn techniques to process traumatic memories in a safe, contained, and somatic way
  • Work with traumatized clients without burnout
Dr. Darsa offers private consulting for individual clinicians and organizations looking to better treat their client’s trauma.
Dr. Darsa’s Approach

The RITTM Training Program

RITTM enables clinicians to provide individualized, client-centered treatment that encourages reconnection to the client’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. The model develops structured treatments that address trauma at its root and reconnect the client to themselves.

A Thorough Approach to Treatment

RITTM takes a simultaneous top-down, bottom-up approach to trauma treatment, focusing on the person as a whole. It allows us to understand our clients deeper, heal underlying issues, and gently remedy their trauma profile.

Training participants receive a toolkit of proven therapies and tools that stabilize clients, create a safe place for them, and fit their unique needs. RITTM integrates EMDR, Brainspotting, Somatic Therapies, Gestalt, Energy Psychology, and Mindfulness modalities.

Improving Trauma and Anxiety Symptoms

A native of Turkey, Dr. Darsa has lived in the United States since 1992. She provides therapy in English, Spanish, French, and Turkish, and she can converse in Italian and Portuguese.

RIITM prioritizes the highest level of clinical oversight, intensive 1:1 clinical work, and compassionate care. This method is an individualized, integrative model that helps clients rebuild their relationship with themselves. In the last two years, the Reconnect Center has tracked a 90% improvement of trauma symptoms and 61% improvement of anxiety systems using RITTM.

Certified Training for Quality Care

RITTM training combines lectures, live client demonstrations, guided practice sessions, case studies, suggested readings, and student interaction. Training is currently conducted via Zoom over eleven 4-hour sessions, spread across 5 weekends. Upon completion, participants receive a certification in RITTM, meeting the training requirements to apply for Evergreen Certifications’ internationally recognized Certified Clinical Trauma Professional – Level II (CCTP-II).

Dr. Darsa’s Approach